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Fly Fishing at Kennebago Lake

The Upper Kennebago River and the Logan 
The upper river meanders slowly down from Little Kennebago Lake into what is know as “the Logan”. There are 11 pools on the upper river formed by long shallow runs that drop into deep pools where native brook trout hold up to feed. Much of this water can be comfortably waded most of the year. It‘s an ideal canoe trip for dry fly action in the evening with light rod and line. The sightings of moose and deer along the way simply add to the enjoyment. 

The Logan is is also easily reached by boat from Grant’s Camps. It is located just the other side of the causeway where the Upper Kennebago River meets the outlet of the lake. Native brook trout in the 10” to 14” range are consistently caught here even during the summer months.

Kennebago Lake
The lake is 5 miles long, 3/4 mile wide and 119 feet deep. It holds large populations of native brook trout, landlocked salmon and a smaller population of brown trout. Fish the ledges, the shallows or the mouths of Big Sag or Flat Iron Brook. Brook trout up to 6 lbs. and salmon up to 3 lbs. are waiting to test their fighting skills against yours. Many a trout and salmon have been caught right off the docks in front of the camps.
Of course not everyone catches fish every day...that’s why they call it “fishen” not “catchin”, but chances are you will have the thrill of rising trout or salmon, the set and tight lines!

The Lower Kennebago River
Easily reached by car in just minutes from camp it offers a chance to fish fast rips or choose from 23 pools for trout and salmon. Depending on the time of year, this water is successfully fished with wets, streamers, drys, midges or nymphs. It is not unusual to catch 3 - 5 lb. salmon. The lower river is wadable and has 5 miles of cleared trails. Maps of the river and pools are provided. Excellent pocket water offers fly fishermen varied challenging opportunities to test their skills.

Flat Iron Pond
Fat brook trout (8" - 14") on a light rod with small flies (#18 - #22) make for great spring fishing!  We maintain a dock on the south side of the lake at the east end of Kennebago. From the dock it's a one mile, well marked hike. We keep 2 rowboats for our guest at the pond. It's fly fishing only. It's a "must do" for many of our guests, so let our office and your waitress know the night before you plan to go and we will have a picnic lunch packed and ready for you.

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Grant's Kennebago Camps

Grant's Kennebago Camps

Grant's Kennebago Camps

Grant's Kennebago Camps

Grant's Kennebago Camps



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