Maine Grouse & Woodcock Hunting

Maine Bird Hunting Lodge

Grant’s Kennebago Lake Camps lie in the center of the most productive High Country Grouse Hunting in the State of Maine. In years with a good hatch our tens of thousands of acres of mixed growth forest located behind a controlled access gate produces as many birds as anywhere in the country. Good native Woodcock hunting is found along the many drainages and countless streams.  Flight birds come in the middle of October and are found in the many hillside clear-cuts.  We have an extensive amount of cleared walking trails and twitch roads – some only accessible by boat. This is truly wild, exclusive hunting grounds for the King of game birds- Mr. Grouse.


Our plans are flexible and designed for a successful hunt. You can choose to hunt unguided with your own dogs (our guides and staff will direct you to productive covers). Or pick one of our knowledgeable guides, all experienced grouse hunters with strings of top notch dogs. You may also decide to use a guide for a day or two and then hunt on your own once you get a feel for the cover and territory. The choices are yours.

Cast and Blast

Bring along your fly rod as our lake is open to fly fishing during the month of October. A warm day will stir the Brook Trout and Salmon which are all aglow in their fall spawning colors. A traditional Rangeley boat with motor is waiting at your dock in front of your camp. It is sure to be some of the most spectacular fishing of the season. Click here for special Cast and Blast Package.

Whether you are a seasoned Grouse hunter or this is your first bird hunting trip, you will soon see why the most experienced Grouse Guides in Maine choose to hunt here. Spectacular scenery, dogs, Friendly guides, Great food and a staff that will make your hunt a lasting memory. Hunting and fishing licenses are available here at camp.

What You Will Need To Bring

  • Orange hunting vest and hat
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Shotgun and #7 shot
  • Two pairs of comfortable broken in hunting boots
  • Foul weather gear
  • Warm Clothing

Skeet Shooting

Bring your clays and practice skeet shooting on our upper field with or without Guides.

Flyout Service

Flyout service for a scenic ride through the mountains or for a day of fishing with a picnic to Rapid River, Sabboth Day pond and C Pond transportation by Acadian Seaplane. Catch a flight right from a dock at Grant’s and be back in time for dinner. Make reservations before arrival.